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Hearth Warming Trends

The look is clean, modern and sleek. The classic mantle-and-hearth fireplace is giving way to contemporary designs that emphasize clean, simple lines.

Fireplaces are also getting bigger, influenced by the advent of widescreen television sets. And, there are more options when it comes to finishes, spanning from classic brick and rock to ultra-sleek tile, glass and metallic finishes – even wallpaper.

See-through, or doubled-sided fireplaces are a fast-growing trend, adding a new approach in home décor. See-through styles offer light and heat on both sides of a wall, with the fireplace serving as a focal point for two rooms, or as a divider for larger areas.

See-through fireplaces connecting the bedroom with the master bathroom are popular as it warms both rooms, and allows homeowners to enjoy a soothing bath while soaking up the atmosphere of the glowing flames.

Today’s fireplaces are a whole lot more versatile, with a range of styles, surrounds and finishes to complement any décor. Looks can easily be changed and updated as well by simply adding decorative rocks or glass crystals, or installing a new fire insert – or even a coat of paint. It’s an easy and affordable way to revamp or customize an indoor or outdoor fireplace.

There’s something about a fireplace that brings a sense of comfort to a room. With advances in design and technology, it’s now possible to have a fireplace nearly anywhere and styles have gone way beyond the traditional hearth design.

Trends include a shift toward more modern and contemporary designs, clean lines, plenty of glass, and less metal than more traditional designs.

A fireplace no longer has to be near the floor. In fact, it can be nearly anywhere, including the bathroom or kitchen, although these models tend to be for decoration more than warmth.


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