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The Glorious Benefits of Skylights

Discover the Wonders of Overhead Openings Beyond Just the Extra Illumination

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year for those in this part of the world.  Daylight hours will slowly begin to lengthen from this time forward, but you may yearn for more sunlight in your home before spring  arrives. Skylights and tubular daylighting devices can brighten those rooms that seem dim, especially this time of year.


In the gloom of winter, seeing a bit of the sky from inside your home can often be quite soothing. Daylight can not only  do wonders for our psychological comfort, but can also be used as part of an integrated design strategy for efficient and passive heat gain. That’s why a skylight can be invaluable.

Skylights offer the potential to improve any house: They bring natural light to rooms that might otherwise be dark,  they frame views of the sky and clouds,  they provide a focus in a space, and they make a statement in design size and shape.

Think of a skylight like a window on your roof.  They can be used as a substitute for artificial lighting throughout the day, can be fixed, vented, or tinted,  or even combined with an automated shutter system, and fly screen.  Skylights also offer another way to get some fresh air in and let hot air escape in the summer.


A light tube, on the other hand, is good for rooms that don’t have a ceiling at roof level. It’s basically a reflective pipe that bounces the daylight down to the room where it is needed. Light tubes can be combined with lighting fixtures, so the same area that lets in daylight during the day can double as a light for the evening.



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