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Upcoming changes to flood plain mapping

Courtesy: http://mvc.on.ca/updated-two-zone-mapping/

Implementation of Two-Zone Along Ottawa River

The Ottawa River flood plain mapping is currently being reviewed and updated by MVCA in partnership with the City of Ottawa. As part of the update the City of Ottawa has passed a zoning amendment to adopt a two-zone policy area based on the technical report prepared by MVCA.

This policy applies to all lands that are at or above 59.9 metre elevation between Armitage Avenue and Vance’s Side road (Click here for Map). The MVCA Board of Directors has approved implementing a two zone policy for the area from Armitage Avenue to Vance’s Side road.

Read MVCA Policies for work within areas designated two-zone.

For more information contact:

Matt Craig, Manager, Planning and Regulations
613.253.0006 ext. 226


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